Mission of the Office

The aim of the TWAS Regional Office for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific (formerly TWAS Beijing Office) is to support scientific capacity building for sustainable development in East & Southeast Asia by promoting the activities of TWAS and its affiliated organizations, such as the TWNSO, TWOWS, IAC and IAP, in the region within the framework of the overall strategic plan of TWAS.

Its main tasks are:

•  To implement the CAS/TWAS Fellowship Program;

•  To promote the Associateship Scheme at Centers of Excellence in the South;

•  To organize meetings of TWAS fellows in the region for the strategic development plans based on the overall blueprint of TWAS;

•  To support CAS-TWAS-WMO Forum on Climate;

•  To hold joint workshops on issues of common concern;

•  To identify eminent scientists in the region for the nominations to TWAS memberships and awards;

•  To sponsor public lectures by eminent scientists on the concerned issues worldwide;

•  To maintain a website for the Office; and,

•  To publish a Newsletter.